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  • Wider Waist Strap
  • New Stronger Buckle
  • New Waist Enclosures to Prevent Strap from Slipping
  • New Wider Reinforced Zippers 
  • New Waist Padding for More Comfort and Protection  

Designed & manufactured by Weevil Outdoor Supply Company.

The Story:

The BurroSak was designed and manufactured as a result of one of the owners personal riding preferences, or better said, "desires." Others hip packs just didn't feel right, or have the features we were looking for, and so it began...

We started with the features desired:

  •  Light weight
  • Water Resistant
  • Weight centered
  • Centered water bottle 
  • Side comfort padding/impact protection
  • Straps that don't cut into your waist, or come loose 
  • Storage: CAN O' BEER*,  Spare Tire, CO2, Eats, Tool
  • 2 storage compartments w pockets dividers
  • Key holder


  • Materials - Water Resist Nylon, Neoprene
  • Elastic/Nylon strap w snap buckle enclosure
  • 2 rear/side spacious zip pockets w inside dividers for cell phone and key holder
  • Dimensions 6.5"L x 1.5"W x 5.5"H per pocket 
  • Weight 9.8 oz - 277grams
  • Compression webbing waist strap
  • Holds up to 24oz water bottle 
  • Water bottle cinch strap

The Ride:

The W.O.S.C. BurroSak is ready for anything you throw at it! It's lightweight design makes a great fit for all level riders, trail runners, hikers,  whatever's clever.  For the more aggressive riders, we added a little extra cush for the side impacts that tend to rock the hips and kidney beans. It's a 1 water bottle wonder, so keep in mind consumption and distance. These are things to take into consideration when packing the BurroSak on your next adventure.


This isn't our first rodeo with bags or ride gear, and it certainly won't be the last. We are always working hard to better our products and are always open to constructive feedback. Taking constructive feedback into mind, keep it calm and try to dial back this 2018 climate a bit if you would. We're light spirited folks around here and not so partial to this new modern behind the social media curtain bit....you know, the one where people hurl a flatulent spitball of their darkest criticism from behind their space bubble with no face. Yeah, we'd appreciate a face to face on that one...

Come see us at one of the many events we attend, or better yet, come ride with us! We are always down for a ride, and a good chat over a beer.  

Thanks as always for choosing Weevil!