Our Story

Weevil Outdoor is a lifestyle brand which combines it's unique sense of style with quality products and services to help inspire people to "Get Off the Couch and Go Outside!" 

"Where does the company name Weevil come from?" Well, since there are many different species of weevils that exist in the world (each with their own niche') and we share a passion for many different outdoor activities, the name "Weevil" felt like a perfect fit!

2010 - THE BEGINNINGS. Weevil Outdoor began as an idea between two longtime friends. Through the use of illustrations and clean design, the pair set out to create hats and shirts that showcased some of the diverse outdoor activities they loved. Pulling from their interests in mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding, and climbing...Weevil Outdoor was born!

THINGS ARE JUST GETTING STARTED. Now, with a few years under our belts, we have expanded Weevil Outdoor to include MTB jersey / mountain bike jerseys, outerwear, beanies, and the innovative catch-all, bomb proof bag known only as the YUKSAK. We've also launched our Custom Program which brings us together with like-minded small businesses to create fun and inspiring collaborations. Weevil's unique take on the outdoors can be found coast to coast as the grass roots effort of friends and fans continues to spread the motto..."GET OFF THE COUCH AND GO OUTSIDE!"

We hope you enjoy what we do.